How to use Ultralibrarian’s Gold authoring DIP Footprint Template

Enjoy the Ultralibrarian Gold authoring tool explainer video (coming soon) and write up shown below. Don’t like videos? Scroll-down and we have a write up.

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  1. Make sure you have Ultra Librarian and the datasheet open.
  2. Lookup the ordering information and search your part. In this case, I will be creating the footprint for the MAX489EPD+ which the package is a 14 PDIP
  3. Lookup in the ordering information the outline number. Click on it to open the draft.
  4. Lookup the template by clicking on Create New Footprint. In the Select Lead Type and Arrangement click on Through Hole. Many options will appear, but we have a 14 PDIP to create so I will be selecting the Dual In-line Package (DIP). Double click on the first selection, which is *_ADI’s DIP, thru non-calculated or just click and the click on select to build, either way, the template will open.
  5. First write the footprint name (Refer to “Best Practices on footprint naming conventions” video).
  6. Now for the dimensions. The Ctr to Ctr Column gap will be the eA dimension in the top table of the draft. The Ctr to Ctr Pitch will be the dimension e and the body width will be E1. The body height will be D in the bottom table corresponding to the quantity of pins which is 14 in this case. The Max body height will be A and the minimum will be A1.In the Pad information, the pin pad shape should be round and the pin drill size will be B in the top table of the draft. The Default Drill Size will be B also.
  7. Scrolling to the bottom the Lead Length Past Seating will be L at the top table. The Lead Thickness will be C and the Lead Width will be B1. Click on apply, then verify. With everything in order click on done and the footprint will have been created.

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Check out other videos on Digital Papaya’s YouTube channel HERE.