How to use the DFN Footprint Template

  1. Have Ultra Librarian and the spreadsheet for the part you’ve previously selected open. In this case, I’ve previously selected the MAX6381LT__D_+T which is a 6 uDFN. The spaces open are for different letters and or numbers for the specific part.
  2. Look for the package information and lookup the Outline Number. Click on the outline number to open the corresponding draft.
  3. Open the draft and make sure there is a DFN shown. The link to the draft is not always correct. One must always double check.
  4. Look up the template by clicking CREATE NEW FOOTPRINT. Click on Flat, No Lead. Click on the Quad Flat No-Lead. You select which one corresponds better to what you are looking for. Normally, I select the ADI’s QFN, smt, calculated, Multiple Heat Tabs because it allows me to change as much as I need without requiring manual editing. After selecting the Specific Template, click on select to build.
  5. A template with 36 pins will open. First you write the footprint name (Refer to the “Best Practices in footprint naming” video).
  6. Start changing the corresponding given dimensions at the required boxes. The dimension e in the table will give you the Ctr to Ctr Pitch. The foot length is L. Since this is a DFN, the number of columns will be half the quantity of pins and the number of rows will be 0. Max and Min toe lengths in Y will be dimension E and for X they will be dimension D. Foot width will be dimension b and the body width and height will the maximum dimensions of both toe to toe lengths.
  7. Scrolling to the bottom, the height is to be inserted into the corresponding boxes. Apply is clicked, then verify to make sure everything is in order and lastly, done. After this, your footprint is created.
  8. Click on done and your footprint has been generated.