Best Practices on Footprint Naming Convention (BGA Version)

  1. Look up your datasheet and open it. Look up the ordering information. Select which part you are going to build and lookup the pin package. In this case, we are going to build the only one in this datasheet which is the MAX17040X+U that is a UCSP which is a type of BGA
  2. Scroll lower to the package information and lookup the 9 UCSP. For the Footprint Naming Convention, we will use the outline number, the package code and the revisions. The footprint name will contain the numbers provided in the datasheet. Since this datasheet does not contain a Land pattern number for the UCSP, that area is simply not added.  
  3. For now, we start with the outline number dash (–) the quantity of revisions dash (-) the revision letter underscore (_) The package code dash (–) the quantity of pins with an L for leads. If the package code has a + sign, it is exchanged for an underscore in the footprint name since UL does not recognize the + sign in the footprint name.
  4. The final footprint name for this part is 21-0459-H_W91C1_1-9L.