Ultralibrarian ECAD part creation write-ups and videos

Digital Papaya ECAD part creation

At Digital Papaya we love Ultralibrarian’s Gold authoring tool for all our ECAD part creation work. We can make libraries with Ultralibrarian that are EDA vendor neutral, so you can export ECAD parts into the format of the tool you use using the free version of Ultralibrarian which you can download HERE. For a list of all the EDA tools currently supported by Ultralibrarian’s exporting function go HERE .

Ultralibrarian Gold authoring is used to make ECAD parts from scratch in a very efficient way utilizing a multitude of templates. At DP we have learned to use this tool inside and out, and the list of links below explains in detail different aspects of how to use and master this tool. Please also take a look at the videos on our YouTube channel.
Don’t have time to learn all this ECAD part creation stuff? Got swamped with too many parts to make? No problem, check out our ECAD part and library creation services and we’ll make the parts for you. We also work on bulk orders of more than 1000+ parts at a reduced price. Contact us with the form below if you are interested in this bulk service.

Links to videos and write-ups on how to create ECAD parts with Ultralibrarian gold authoring tool:

How to use Ultralibrarian’s Gold authoring tool BGA template

How to use Ultralibrarian’s Gold authoring tool DIP template

Example of finding and using datasheet ordering information

Ultralibrarian Gold authoring tool User Interface Pin Scraping and Symbol Builder

Avoiding common errors in the scraping interface

Example of finding the pin configuration on a datasheet

Example of applying the overbar to pins that have it

How to use Ultralibrarian Gold authoring tool’s axial resistor template

How to use the DFN footprint template

Best Practices on Footprint Naming Convention

Best Practices on Footprint Naming Convention (BGA Version)

Best Practices on Footprint Naming Convention (QFN-DFN Version)

Chip Resistor Footprint Template

Switching Columns when scraping pin data

Pin description and pin type assignment

Scraping components with 100+ Pins

Ultralibrarian tips: Saving CSV Files

Ultralibrarian tips: Scraping from Pin Description Table

Ultralibrarian tips: Scraping WLP Pin Package

Scraping SO Pin Package