About Us

Digital Papaya (DP) is a technical services marketplace exporting startup based in Puerto Rico. Our approach is to keep things simple for the buyer: fixed price, fixed schedule and quick kick-off with our low friction click-buy-go Jobs platform.

DP is founded on one core belief: The belief that there are no necessary evils in the World. We believe that evil gains a foothold in the World every time that our will is defeated by violating this core belief. Therefore, at DP we believe in doing what is good every time, and don’t subscribe to notions such as that there are necessary evils that must be accepted in order for the greater good to be achieved. The certainty in this belief is a guiding light that illumines our path, and protects us from the ambiguities and deceptions sometimes found in daily life.

DP was founded on November of 2017, and has been the brainchild of its President//Web guy/Hardware electronics designer/Recruiter, etc… for some time in one form or another. We have three areas of focus; ECAD library generation, electronics (HW design services), and digital marketing . Our mission is to connect great talent in the Island with the needs of our customers overseas to create a win-win scenario for everybody. We build relationships with all college campuses in the Island, and continuously seek out the best students in the best programs to get them the extra experience they need to start exporting valuable services from the Island. In addition, we also seek out experienced talent in and off the Island as we search for the best of the best.

One of our main businesses so far has been CAD library services, for which we have chosen as our custom part creation tool of choice Ultralibrarian’s Gold Authoring Software. We also offer a growing list of services related to the electronics/hardware development cycle. Always willing to expand our services category, and always looking for a niche where we can help.

Another expanding business has been digital marketing services led by our CMO. This is an exciting space which we are definitely excited about being in.

Our Customers are based in the mainland U.S., and as such we seek talent that can communicate very well in written and oral English. We encourage our specialists to directly communicate with our clients in order to build relationships, and achieve the best results for everyone.

We are operating out of Engine4’s coworking space; a leading makerspace in the Island’s entrepreneurial community fabric.

Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.

Executive team:

Raul Perez, President

18 years of experience in the Electronics Hardware industry at leading companies in PCB/System design and integrated circuit (IC) design. Some of Raul’s past projects include iPhone, iPad, Hololens (AR MSFT device) and Spectacles (Snapchat). Raul also designed and/or led numerous analog ICs and power management ICs (PMICs).

Raul seeks and selects the best talent in the Island, trains and supervises their work. Our customers benefit from high quality work at great value.

email: raul.perez@digitalpapaya.com


Sabrina Seeto, Chief Marketing Officer

11 years of experience in the Digital Marketing industry. Managed marketing campaigns for Microsoft, Salesforce, Nordstrom, Match Group, Inc., POPSUGAR, and others. Oversaw online customer acquisition for Maximus Real Estate Partners’ properties, including the second largest property in North America,-Parkmerced.

Company details:

Mailing Address:
P.O. BOX 1406
Bayamón, P.R. 00960-1406

Physical Address:
Engine4, Complejo Onofre Carballeira Esq. PR-2 con Int. PR-5, Bayamón, P.R. 00959